Welcome to the Poundbury Management Company Website (MANCO).

Poundbury is an urban extension to the Dorset county town of Dorchester, built on Duchy of Cornwall land, according to principles of architecture and urban planning as advocated by HRH The Prince of Wales in his book ‘A Vision of Britain’.

It is currently home to some 3,500 people in a mix of private and affordable housing, as well as providing employment for some 2,340 people working in the 185 shops, cafés, offices and factories. Some residents also work from a home base. A further 550 are employed in construction works across the site.

This website provides information for shareholders and residents within the Poundbury Management Company areas. It provides details of the services managed by the Management Company  on behalf of the shareholders and our joint obligations to maintain elements of the Estate in Poundbury.

If you wish to report a maintenance, safety or other issue to the MANCOs this may be done by pressing the “Reporting” Tab and selecting the appropriate option in this website. The options will refer to MANCO2 or MANCO3. If you wish to visit the MANCO 1 website please press here.

Poundbury also has a thriving (Poundbury) Residents Association (PRA). The PRA is for all residents of Poundbury and is managed by a committee of local residents who are passionate about the community spirit in Poundbury and want to work with you to make Poundbury a great place to live, work and play. The PRA works closely with retail businesses. You may visit the PRA website here.

Below this line you will find latest Management Company news or events. All past entries will be found in the “Current Topics” tab.