Welcome to the website of the Poundbury Management Companies (MANCOs 1,2 & 3)

This website provides details of the services managed by the three MANCOs on behalf of the shareholders and residents and our joint obligations to maintain significant areas of the Estate in Poundbury. More details of the roles and responsibilities of your MANCO may be found in this website by selecting the tabs above. 

If you wish to report a maintenance, safety or other issue to your MANCO this may be done by pressing the “Reporting” Tab above and selecting the appropriate MANCO. The options will refer to MANCOs 1,2 or 3. As a resident of MANCO1 you may register a report here, but if you wish to visit the MANCO 1 website please press here.

Poundbury is currently home to some 3,800 people in a mix of private and affordable housing, as well as providing employment for some 2,306 people working in the 207 shops, cafés, offices and factories. A further 557 are employed in construction across the site and many more are self-employed and occasionally work from home. The Duchy of Cornwall have a website fully explaining everything you may wish to know about living in Poundbury. Visit the Duchy website here.

Poundbury also has a thriving (Poundbury) Residents Association (PRA). The PRA works closely with retail businesses. Visit the PRA website here.

Below this line you will find latest MANCO issues, news or events. All past entries will be found in the “Topics” tab.