Fancy helping Manco in your own courtyard?

Our Courtyard watcher scheme is up and running successfully and we are getting valuable reports back giving us a “heads-up” on what’s going on, and any maintenance issues requiring attention.  We have 6 watchers currently, many courtyards to go! If you would like to volunteer we will brief you, give you a pack of information about the courtyard, where things are and where to report them. Some have already met others residents and discussed issues by just checking around occasionally.

It is in all our interests to keep our courtyards clean, functional and attractive as possible.Some residents live in courtyards, which is a security benefit (by design) for all of us in terms of our parked cars and garages. As part of the plan courtyards have specially selected trees and shrubs planted to maintain a reasonably attractive environment rather than just looking like a back-yard. No one wishes to look out on upturned bins, dead shrubs, dumped cars or poor surfaces. Long term deterioration will inevitably affect property values. MANCOs are constantly dealing with these issues through enforcement of stipulations or direct discussions with residents and the Duchy of Cornwall offices.

Just let us know through the Reporting tab in this website, take the general option. We will phone if you wish.