Annual Fees

Poundbury (MANCO2) Limited Annual charge  for 2019 will be :


The figure is discounted to £155 if paid by the due date (March 30th).

Poundbury (MANCO3) Limited Annual charge for 2020 remain at:


if paid in full by 1st March 2020 or by 2 instalments of £78.00 paid by 1st MArch 2020 and 1st September 2020.

Late payments will be charged at the higher rate of £168.00.

MANCO3 Correspondence.

If you wish your correspondence to be sent to another address please inform the Company Secretary (e-mail If your property has been bought as a “buy to let” please inform the Company Secretary where correspondence should be sent (e-mail

If a letting agent is employed please supply contact detail (e-mail