Buttermarket Friday 6th!

We have replaced the signs! You will see road closure signs in Buttermarket which are as expected for Friday to Sunday. We will try to open it up on Saturday evening. Weather forecast is still showing a dry evening and a dry Saturday.


*Dates for your diary**.

Buttermarket Christmas Market events this year will be on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th DECEMBER.

Buttermarket will be closed to traffic from Friday evening at 5 pm until Sunday 8th at 12 Noon.

Friday 6th Christmas Tree Lighting up.

We have teamed up with “Music in the Park” this year with live music from 6pm together with a barbeque from “Brace Of Butchers” all on Buttermarket.

At 6:30 pm children from the Prince of Wales school will sing to everyone before the count-down to turning on the lights at 7pm.

All sorts of hot refreshments will be served. Please come along and support this wonderful event, last year it was magical and we are aiming high again this year. Wrap up warm and join in the festive spirit.
Thank again to our wonderful supporters.
Morrish Builders will be supplying the Christmas Trees once again,
Brace of Butchers – Morrish Builders – Celebrating Poundbury – Bridal Reloved and MANCO3 all supporting this event.

Saturday 7th DECEMBER – Christmas Market

This year Buttermarket is full! A huge range range of different and interesting traders coming. There will be plenty to see, plenty to buy, plenty to do, and plenty to eat! Best to walk to it if possible, as it will be busy.

Bins in Courtyards are forbidden during the week!

As residents we are bound by stipulations signed at purchase or rental. This is part of the contract of living in Poundbury. Courtyards are not backyards!

ALL rubbish bins are to be left within your property boundary out of sight during the week.

Poundbury is designed to enable residents vehicles to be parked off street, and courtyards are an integral part of that design. Some residents LIVE in courtyards, and many overlook them. In doing so they provide visual security where cars and garages may be left unattended. No one wants to look out on bins all week. Please respect these spaces. Stipulation No.16 requires ALL bins to be taken into the property (or appropriate binstore) apart from bin day. A little leeway is permissible for shift-workers etc in terms of retrieving bins back into the property. However residents who leave bins out all week are disrespectful to other residents. Bins must not live in the courtyard during the week.

Marked parking spaces are in all cases for approved vehicles only and are NOT for other items such as bins. Please make a space in your garage or garden or use a binstore. The courtyard owners reserve the right to take action against persistent offenders.

Leaving bins on footways during the week is a safety hazard, and you may be personally liable for damage to cars and people.

A message from the Duchy of Cornwall

As you are aware the Duchy have oversight of all works to property on Poundbury which has the potential to change the external appearance of building and therefore the overall appearance of Poundbury as a whole. This is controlled through the stipulations, which are a legally binding requirement packaged up in conveyance documentation on individual properties. For some time now the Duchy have been aware of unauthorized works undertaken on Poundbury which other residents on Poundbury naturally assume, because of the stipulations, has received Duchy approval.

As the extent of this unauthorised work grow the Duchy find it harder to control those works that they are asked to approve as the people asking for the approval then make reference to unauthorised works of the same or similar to what they are proposing. In fairness to all and in order to take firm control of the situation the Duchy has decided to carry out a full audit of all works that have taken place on Poundbury buildings whether granted approval or not. The results of this audit will then inform future decisions made by the Duchy on alteration work.

As a result of the above exercise in the coming months Keith Sanders, our Commercial Building Surveyor will be out and about on Poundbury with clipboard and camera recording building alterations that in essence do not exhibit the aspirations of the old Poundbury design guide. At present there is no plan to differentiate regarding past approval requests or not, so the photographic record is purely to establish the extent of works undertaken that are not in harmony with the spirit of the original design guide which has prevailed on Poundbury since the beginning of the project. Please therefore do not be alarmed if you see him outside pointing a camera in the direction of your building.

This week-

Our AGM agenda will include latest updates on the joint MANCO2 and MANCO3 outsourcing project, upgrades of the Duchy Poundbury Documents and the Courtyard adoption process.

At last! WIFI in SW Sector

At long last Superfast Fibre broadband is now available from Cabinet 103 in Corston Street. BT is already taking orders, with service up to 71-73 Mbps being promised for delivery within 10 days or so. Similar offerings may also be available from other Internet Service Providers.

Thanks to the persistence of Trevor Craven and others who have battled for years to correct this outrageous anomaly. There really is a green box in position.