Courtyards & Parking

The Management companies carry out planned maintenance on hundreds of items in Poundbury courtyards and are regulators responsible for the supervision of some of the Stipulations referred to in your contractual documentation. Sometimes these areas are known as the “common” or “community areas”. Please go to the “Reporting” Tab on this website to record a problem or report an issue. Where we refer to Duchy responsibility, use 01305 250533, or email

The Management Company responsibilities include:

  • TV systems via Wessex Aerials. For all TV reception problems or additional services – phone (01305) 813010. Out of hours : 01305 756968 .
  • Lighting (columns and wall mounted – all numbered) ONLY IN COURTYARDS.
  • Reporting Tree/tree pits and grille issues.
  • Reporting gravel surface dressing issues
  • Reporting Gullies, soakaways and courtyard water drains NOT foul sewers.
  • Shrub Pocket planting
  • Bollards (wood and metal)
  • Reporting manholes and metalwork in terms of trip safety and security.
  • Grassed areas and litter picking
  • Payment of all rates, some insurance premiums, professional fees and other charges of a like nature in relation to managing the communal areas.

MANCOs do NOT have responsibility for utilities faults.  Repair work will be initiated by the utility company direct. Here are some numbers to assist in direct reporting:

  • Domestic water supply, water leaks and foul drains – Wessex Water 0345 600 4600 (24hrs)
  • Electricity supply – For all power cuts phone 105. Other emergencies – 0800 072 7282. 
  • Gas supply – Report all leaks immediately to National Gas Emergency Number0800 111 999.


Trees are planted by the developers within public areas, courtyards and some private gardens according to Duchy specifications.
Residents must not remove, prune or alter any of these trees and shrubs, including those within the boundary of a property. If this causes a problem e.g a dead tree, contact the Duchy.
Newly planted trees in Courtyards are looked after by the developers for the first year, after which they may be reported by the MANCO to the Duchy where problems are noted.  The Duchy manages trees on streets.

 Grass Cutting & Weeds

The few small grassed areas within courtyards are cared for by MANCOs, otherwise grass cutting is managed by the Duchy or the local authority. Weed control in courtyards is the responsibility of the Management Company. The Duchy contracts out weed control on unadopted roads. Adopted roads are the responsibility of Dorset Council.

Waste Bins and Litter

Litter bins can be used to dispose of wrapped dog waste. An overflowing bin may be reported to Dorset Council on 01305 251010
Fly tipped litter in Management Company courtyards is on private land and the council will charge for its removal. Waste in Courtyards should be reported to the MANCO, if on the streets then to the Duchy. Bins serviced regularly by the Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) should be stored either in bin-stores or during the week within property boundaries and not in the courtyards, as per Stipulation 16.  Courtyards are not “back-yards”

Cars in Courtyards

Courtyards contain marked parking spaces and access to carports and garages. There is little free space in any courtyard. There are a very small number of spaces in some courtyards where parking a car does not cause any obstruction or hindrance to pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Residents are expected to park in their own designated space or garage. Roadside parking is intended (and stipulated) for occasional visitors, guests, services and not routinely for residential parking.

All garages and parking spaces need to have adequate space to manoeuvre at all times (a minimum of 7 metres in front and sideways) – so any car parked in such a way as to limit this space will be causing an obstruction.  As a rule of thumb, parking outside your own garage door(s) will be treated as obstructive by the Management Company but tolerated unless any complaint is made with respect to garage access by neighbours, or by service vehicle companies. The Management Company will take action in cases of persistent obstruction by parked cars in their private courtyards.
Emergency and works vehicles must be able to enter courtyards without hindrance always so parking in common unmarked areas might constitute a safety obstruction.

Visitor bays are placed in some courtyards. These bays are normally marked with a “V”. No resident has ownership or priority to use visitor bays. It means exactly what it says – a space for temporary use by guests or visitors to the properties near the V space. Under no circumstances can a V space be “acquired” as a second permanent parking space for any resident. If you have one private garage or space and two cars, then any second vehicles must be parked in a public square. Stipulation 15 refers specifically to Visitor parking bays, and can be found in this document under “Covenants & Stipulations.” Owners are reminded stipulations are signed as part of the conditions of sale.


Buttermarket is a private courtyard under the control of the Management Company. It may also be used for events, and it’s primary purpose is to provide temporary parking for visitors and guests to our shops, restaurants and businesses in Buttermarket. A limited and controlled number of parking permits are allocated to businesses and residents who work or live facing Buttermarket who have no parking spaces in Admiralty or Inglescombe Courtyards. A 4 hour parking limit is therefore in place. Residential, and commuting parking is not permitted and all residents with allocated parking are encouraged to use it at all times.

Victor Jackson car park, grassed area and fountain.

This is a private courtyard under the control of the Management Company. It may also be used for events, and its primary purpose is to provide temporary parking for visitors and guests to the shops, restaurants and businesses. There are a number of marked parking sites specially for use of visitors to the adjacent café and businesses. A 4-hour parking limit is therefore in place during the working week from 08.00 until 18.00 hours. Residential, and commuting parking is not permitted and all residents with allocated parking are encouraged to use their own allocated spaces or garages.

Works vehicles in Courtyards

If you know that your contractor will need to park in the courtyard to undertake work for you, neighbours should be informed in advance.
Some larger projects might require a ‘site compound’ within the courtyard and residents must seek permission from the Management Company in this event, as this may disrupt use of the courtyard.

No rubbish or equipment should be left or stored in a courtyard.

Courtyard and Street Lights

All courtyard lamps and lamp posts (including those which are attached to buildings) within courtyards are numbered – these lamps are the responsibility of the Management Company. Please report them to the appropriate MANCO through this website (Reports tab) or the Symonds & Sampson telephone line. PLEASE NOTE THE LIGHT NUMBER.

All other streetlights outside courtyards (including those attached to buildings) are the responsibility of the Duchy, or Dorset Council (DC)  for adopted roads. Numbered streetlights are usually DC. The contact details of DC can be found on their website

TV Systems

All communications at Poundbury are routed underground and no TV aerials or satellite dishes are permitted.  The Management Companies employ a company called Wessex Aerials to maintain and repair this equipment and cables and therefore, any problems with your TV services up to the point where the network enters your building should be reported directly to them on the numbers at the top of this section.