Send a report to MANCO 2

Please use this contact form to report issues associated with your COURTYARD or Mews. If it is in the courtyard it is the concern of the MANCO, if it is in the streets or roads, it is the responsibility of either the Duchy or the local authority. Duchy Offices -01305 250533, or

You will see opposite 7 options in a drop-down menu which will ensure your comment goes to the right person in the MANCO. These options are described here so you can make the correct selection:-

General issues – Include parking, traffic, abandoned vehicles, fly tipping, loose gravel patches, damaged masonry, bin and cycle store doors insecure/not shutting. Advice on any external works including skip and scaffold hire including forms (read courtyards section first)

Lights out, timer errors –  PLEASE NOTE THE NUMBER on the light (if visible) or house to which it is fixed.

Courtyard Water Drains Blocked -Associated flooding. Add the nearest property please. Water Supply and foul drains phone direct to Wessex Water 0345 600 4 600  – 8am to 6pm (emergencies only at other times)

TV – doors, cables security. PLEASE NOTE ALL reception and additional service issues direct to Wessex Aerials. (01305) 813010. Out of hours – (01305) 756968. The MANCO cannot help on reception issues!

Metalwork – Manholes, inspection lids. Includes metal tree protectors, grilles, wall signs, bollards, parking posts, stairways and fountains. Please include detailed location within the courtyard (N,S,E,W)

Trees or Shrubs – Damaged/died, broken tree supports, excess weeds. Please include detailed location within the courtyard (N,S,E,W)

Financial Queries -Includes Changes of Address, of the owner in the case of a rental property, private tenants,  requests for documents and payment queries to the Management Company. Please send us your email or change of email so we can update our records.

    Select the option that most closely matches your enquiry: