Covenants & Stipulations


The Poundbury Stipulations

Poundbury residents are reminded that Poundbury is subject to covenants and associated stipulations which bind all the properties and their owners and occupiers. All shareholders sign up to covenants and stipulations during the property purchase process. Owner shareholders remain responsible for the actions of their tenants and rental residents and must ensure this documentation is available to them. These stipulations are set out in the attached Schedule. Many stipulations refer to behaviour in courtyards. Residents live in courtyards, and many look out over courtyards. One of the Management Company roles is to preserve and protect this environment which includes trees and shrub planting to maintain a reasonably attractive space. Courtyards are not “back-yards”. Details may be found in the tab “Courtyard & Parking Management”

The Covenants & Stipulations are enforceable by:

(a) the Poundbury Management Companies in their capacities as the bodies entrusted to manage Poundbury

(b) the Duchy of Cornwall as the freeholder of the leasehold properties at Poundbury, and

(c) the owners of properties at Poundbury.

The Poundbury Code

The Poundbury Code is the building code summarising the approved designs and materials for buildings and external structures, alterations and works at Poundbury.
A copy of the Code is available for inspection at the Duchy of Cornwall’s office at Poundbury Farmhouse, Poundbury Farmhouse Way, Poundbury, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 3RT.

The Stipulations. 

  1. Not without the consent of His Royal Highness to paint or decorate the exterior of the Property otherwise than in the same colour or colours as the Property was originally painted
  2. Not to make any alterations or additions in or to the exterior of the Property (including in particular the windows and the window glazing and doors thereof) or alter or change the appearance of the Property and not to paint the render brickwork or stonework of the exterior of the Property or erect any structure on the Property without the approval in writing of His Royal Highness to the plans and specifications thereof and to make such alterations or additions only in accordance with such plans and specifications when approved and with such permissions regulations and conditions as may be applicable by law thereto first obtained and not to build any wall fence or other erection or structure whatsoever on the part of the Property hatched orange (if any) on the Plan and to maintain the same in its original state and condition.
  3. Not to do or permit or suffer to be done in or upon the Property anything which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance or cause damage or inconvenience to His Royal Highness or the owner or owners of any part of the land comprised in the Estate.
  4. To permit His Royal Highness and the owner or owners of any other part of the land comprised in the Estate to have access to and enter upon the Property on notice for the purposes of examining the condition of the Property repairing any dwelling commercial property or other part of the Estate fulfilling any obligations hereunder or under transfers or other dwellings and for similar purposes.
  5. At all times hereafter to maintain the fences and walls on the boundary of the Property where marked “T” within the boundaries on the Plan.
  6. Not to erect or permit to be erected on the Property any additional fence or wall or alter or raise or permit to be altered or raised the height of any fence or wall.
  7. Not to use the Property for the carrying on of any trade or business whatsoever and will use the same as a single private dwelling house save that the Property may be used for use as a business on the following terms:
    1. the business must be ancillary to the principal use of the Property as a single private dwelling house
    2. the prior consent of His Royal Highness must be obtained
    3. the business must be capable of being carried out in accordance with the principles of the Estate and without detriment to the amenity of the Estate by reason of noise nuisance or otherwise.
    4. the appearance of the Property as a single private dwelling house must not be affected or altered.
  8. Not to use the Property otherwise than as [a shop/office within Classes B1 and A2 of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987/light industrial purposes within the meaning of Class B1 of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987].
  9. Not to mutilate or remove any trees and/or shrubs which may be planted within the boundary of the Property.
  10. Not to erect or put or permit to be erected or put a signboard advertisement plate or placard of any kind in any window of the Property or on the exterior of the Property or so as to be visible from the outside of the Property other than the existing house number and if required the name of the Property on a plate of a size and in a position first approved by His Royal Highness and one board of a reasonable size advertising that the Property is for sale.
  11. Not to keep or permit to be kept any bird, dog or other animal on or in the Property other than the usual domestic pets and not in any event to keep any bird, dog or other animal which may cause annoyance to any owner or occupier of any other Property comprised in the Estate or to the general public.
  12. Not to obstruct or permit to be obstructed any common areas or roads or accessways or footpaths on the Estate.
  13. Not to park or permit to be parked on the Car Parking Space any vehicle other than a private motor vehicle and not to carry out any works of repair to such motor vehicle.
  14. Not to allow any trailer, caravan, motorised caravan or boat or other similar chattel to be brought onto the Property or to be parked in any Car Parking Space.
  15. Not to erect or permit to be erected any television wireless or other aerials or satellite dish on the exterior of the Property.
  16. Not to use or permit any parking space designated by His Royal Highness as a visitor’s parking space to be used otherwise than for occasional visitors parking.
  17. Not to keep or leave any rubbish or refuse in front of the building erected on the Property other than in a proper receptacle and then only on the day stipulated for the collection of the same by the local authority.
  18. To perform and observe all conditions contained in any planning permission affecting the Property.

A rider to Stipulation 7

For residential properties described as per stipulation 7 the property may be used for use for business only by licence from the MANCO or the Duchy, which would be chargeable and granted to a particular property. Action will be taken against residents or shareholders who operate businesses from residential property who are clearly in breach of these rules.