POUNDBURY (MANCO 3) LTD. – 2024 New Year’s Letter

The Directors of Poundbury Manco3 Ltd. wish all Shareholders a happy and prosperous New Year and trust that you had a happy Christmas.

Your Directors

Dr. Andrew Wyatt (Chairman) Resident Director
Mr. Graeme Taylor Resident Director
Mr. Robin James Resident Director
Mrs. Philippa Thorniley Resident Director and Company Secretary
Mr. Jason Bowerman Director (Duchy of Cornwall)
Mr. Peter Lacey Director (Duchy of Cornwall)

The 2024 Annual General Meeting
The 2024 Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 1st May 2024 at 7.30 p.m.in The Brownsword Hall.

Television Services

We are sorry to have to inform you that our longstanding contractors, T2 Digital, are no longer able to respond to householders who report problems with the television service. We are in the process of procuring a new contractor who will look after all aspects of the Poundbury television system. In the meantime, any resident who experiences problems with their television reception should contact Wessex Aerials: 01305 813010 during normal office hours. Out of hours or over the weekend please report faults through the Manco reporting system (www.poundburymanco.co.uk). If the engineer determines that the problem lies with the communal television system it will be the responsibility of the Manco, who will meet the costs including any initial call-out charge by the company. If the problem originates with the householder’s own television equipment or cabling within the household, it will – as has always been the case – for them to meet any call-out, repair or replacement costs.

We are extremely disappointed by the previous contractors’ withdrawal of service, and are striving to make alternative arrangements for the renovation and maintenance of the TV system as soon as possible.

Manco 3 Help – What We Can Do and What We Cannot Do To Help You.
In addition to the television service, Manco3 provides the covenanted services in private common areas (primarily courtyards). These duties include some maintenance and stipulation management activities, including courtyard lighting and drainage. For clarity, Manco3 has no responsibility for broadband services, including the provision
of TV channels through broadband. More details can be found on our website www.poundburymanco.co.uk.
The Mancos are not responsible for the areas immediately outside apartment blocks or the bin stores serving these areas. All queries should be addressed to the relevant Flat Management Company rather than the Manco.

The Flower Beds in Buttermarket
It has been reported that the flower beds/planters in Buttermarket after some seven year are in need of repair. (They are constructed from timber which is beginning to rot.) Your Directors are considering replacing them with more durable structures which will not need frequent replacements.

Maintenance Charges
The Poundbury (Manco3) maintenance charge for 2024 will be £216 per share. Please make a single payment: this will discounted by £12 to £204 if paid by 31st March, 2024. Please pay by bank transfer or cheque, as advised on the invoice to be issued by Edwards & Keeping.

We recognise that this represents an increase over last year’s charge; however, the Manco has incurred substantial increases in some costs, especially electricity which represents some fifty-eight per cent of our annual expenditure. It is also essential that we continue to build up our strategic reserve against future liabilities. Please cancel any old standing orders for payment of charges.

Please note that a handling fee of £12 will be deducted from any payment if it is necessary to refund overpayments. (This is usually due to shareholders forgetting to cancel a previous standing order). Unfortunately, due to banking regulations, Poundbury (Manco3) Ltd is not able to take payments by direct debit. Also we spend a great deal of time chasing non-payers. It has been agreed that after 31st March one free reminder will be sent; if it is necessary to send a further reminder then the administrative costs of this (currently £18 including VAT) and of any subsequent
court action will be added to the debt and recorded against the property.

The option to make two payments has been withdrawn. Given the scale of the charge and the three month period in which to make the discounted payment the additional administrative costs are not considered a worthwhile use of the Company’s resources.

Please keep Symonds and Sampson, www.poundburymanco.co.uk (Burraton House, Poundbury DT1 3GR), up to date with your contact details especially if you do not live in Poundbury. It is our practice to send all communication to your property in Poundbury unless we have other instructions.
To reduce the cost of postage we try to send communications by e-mail wherever possible. Please let us have your e-mail address as well as a contact telephone number. This information should be sent to Symonds and Sampson, via
www.poundburymanco.co.uk or to mancos@symondsandsampson.co.uk.

Poundbury Streets and Courtyards
Before the winter started lights that were out in the courtyards were identified to Symonds and Sampson and have been repaired or will be as soon as possible; please continue to report any lighting issues via the website, www.poundburymanco.co.uk.

Poundbury Manco 2 Winter 2023/24 Newsletter

An update on activities in the M2 area of Poundbury

TV Network – New Contractor
Local firm Wessex Aerials are now looking after the Poundbury TV network.
Call 01305 813010 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm if you have a problem with your TV reception.
Wessex Aerials will attend and identify the cause of the fault.
MANCO2 will be invoiced for any faults on the Poundbury TV network delivering the signal to you.
The resident will be invoiced for any work required to equipment within your property.
The previous contractor T2D have now withdrawn from TV work.

Annual General Meeting
The MANCO 2 AGM will take place at 7.00pm on 24th April 2024 at Brownsword Hall. All Shareholders are welcome to attend. The Board will present the recently updated 30 Year Investment Plan. A call to AGM information pack including the 2023 Annual Accounts and Annual Report will be sent out in February.

MANCO fees reviewed for 2024
Every Shareholder pays an annual fee which contributes to the routine maintenance of the communal areas, and very importantly, the reserves to cover long term commitments such as courtyard resurfacing. The fees have not changed since 2019 however, following materials and service cost inflation over the last 5 years, the Board have updated revenue and expenditure forecasts as part of the review of our 30-year investment plan. To maintain reserves for future planned expenditure, regrettably it is now necessary to increase the 2024 fees in line with UK inflation to £210, discounted to £190 if paid by 31 March 2024.

Active Maintenance Program
Symonds and Sampson, MANCO 2s’s Managing Agents, carry out quarterly checks of all courtyard areas in Active Maintenance. In addition to resolving any issues identified during their visits or responding to reported problems from Shareholders, this winter will see a program of drain clearance concentrating on courtyards south of Peverell Avenue East. Pruning and tree reduction works will be carried out, as identified by the Duchy arborist or by Symonds and Sampson themselves. Following completion of remedial works, the last in this year’s tranche of 15 additional courtyards and communal areas north of Peverell Road East will be accepted from the developers into Active Maintenance by MANCO 2 this winter.

TV Network Equipment
Several intense storms and power outages in recent months have interrupted availability of the TV network signal. Vulnerable power connections are being replaced and weather protection added to reduce exposure. In addition, a satellite receiver has been replaced in the Whitecross Square hub. As some of the older TV distribution infrastructure is now at the end of its expected operating life, further equipment will also need replacement. MANCO 2 working jointly with MANCOs 1, 3, 4 and The Duchy have commissioned and approved a design specification to replace the obsolete equipment. A tender for the supply of new equipment is planned for the New Year, for potential installation in Summer 2024.

MANCO 2 Board Recruitment
We are always looking for additional volunteer Resident Directors. Asset management, financial reporting or property law skills are particularly relevant to the workings of the Board, so if you have any experience and would like to find out more information about the duties involved, please contact us (details below) for an informal conversation.


If you want to report a maintenance issue, repair need or breach of Poundbury Stipulations that relates to the courtyard or common areas, please do one of the following:
• Report online https://www.poundburymanco.co.uk/send-report-to-manco-2/
• Or call the dedicated MANCO number at 01305 756968 (office hours)
Further information regarding the MANCOs is published on www.poundburymanco.co.uk