Poundbury (Manco 3) Autumn Newsletter

Dear Shareholders,

As we move into the autumn season, we thought it would be helpful to keep you up to date with company matters in the Manco3 area.


In the first part of the year 29 Manco 3 lights were upgraded to LED fittings. The current maintenance programme includes a project to convert the remaining 65 Manco3 lamps to LED. This work will be completed over the next few months, and should improve reliability as well as reduce electricity costs. The annual cyclical redecoration of courtyard lighting columns and mounting brackets, bollards and other Manco 3 assets is also underway and should be completed shortly.

Amongst the services Manco3 is obliged to provide to its shareholders is a basic television connection. We are aware of a number of issues concerning the connection of modern Sky Q (and similar) connections within the infrastructure of the Manco3 area, which covers some of the older parts of Poundbury. We are currently undertaking a review of the television services being provided across the whole of Poundbury, including suggested upgrades to the headend units to accommodate the high volume, data reliant services that are found in modern television packages, including Sky Q. Although Manco3 is not contractually obliged to provide fibre strength signal to all shareholders, we recognise that modern television services have far greater requirements in terms of data speed and volume in order to provide HD, ultra HD and similar services. The upgrade will not only provide this enhanced service, but will bring the system up to a standard similar to that used in new housing developments.

Our grounds maintenance contractors are looking forward to a busy few months, with the usual autumn pruning and trimming activities to be carried out, and the seasonal fall of leaves to deal with. Once the leaves have fallen and are cleared, the managing agent will be arranging for the seasonal clearing of the gullies and channels that serve the courtyards. This work is usually carried out in December.

We would like to reassure shareholders that we actively work on ensuring all works go through due diligence processes; making sure we get the best value we can for the long term.

If you wish to report any faults or issues which require Manco attention you can do so through our website at www.poundburymanco.co.uk, or contact the managing agents, Symonds and Sampson, by phone on 01305 756968 or email at mancos@symondsandsampson.co.uk.

Manco3 – What We Can Do and What We Cannot Do To Help You.

We know that people are not always clear about which activities Manco3 is responsible for. More details can be found on our website, www.poundburymanco.co.uk, but in summary Manco3 provides the covenanted services in common areas (primarily courtyards). These duties include some maintenance activities and management of adherence to stipulations. For example, we are responsible for all courtyard lighting and repair of ducted free-to-air TV services, and advice on connection to subscription TV systems such as Sky. For clarity, Manco3 has no responsibility for broadband services, including the provision of TV channels through broadband.

The Mancos are not responsible for the areas immediately outside apartment blocks or the bin stores serving these areas. These will be the responsibility of a Flat Management Company established when the building was constructed, to whom any queries should be addressed.

However, if you are uncertain who is responsible for a particular issue please get in touch with Symonds and Sampson through any of the routes shown above; if it is not us, they will do their best to pass your query on to the right quarter.


Considerable time and effort has had to be spent contacting the few remaining shareholders who have not paid their 2023 maintenance charges. Please keep the Company up to date with your current contact details via www.poundburymanco.co.uk: telephone number, email address, and address for correspondence – the last is particularly important if it is different from your property in Poundbury.

If you are letting your property in Poundbury, it is helpful for us to know if you are employing a letting agent. It is also prudent to include a requirement in any tenancy agreement for tenants to comply with the Poundbury Stipulations. Holders of Power of Attorney and Executors of Wills also need to know their obligations as shareholders.

The Directors

The current Resident Directors are: Dr. Andrew Wyatt (elected as chairman for the current financial year), Mr. Graeme Taylor, Mr. Robin James (elected at the 2023 AGM), Mrs. Philippa Thorniley (Company Secretary and Director). The Duchy of Cornwall Directors are Mr. Jason Bowerman and Mr. Peter Lacey.

However, we are always keen for new resident directors to join the board, and continue to encourage nominations. Any interested shareholders (owners of a residential or commercial property in the Manco3 area) can put their name forward. The role is largely strategic, with the day to day management being undertaken by our managing agents. For more details please speak to any of the current directors or contact www.poundburymanco.co.uk.

The 2024 Annual General Meeting

Finally, an early date for your diary: the 2024 AGM will be held on Wednesday 1st May 2024 at The Brownsword Hall, Poundbury.

The Directors

Poundbury (Manco3) Ltd